Friday, April 13, 2012

Under pressure!!

A day before the exam, even the mind which has the faintest of idea of how to study wakes up and starts studying. why? it's because of pressure. (not air pressure of course) It's the stress and emotional pressure that urges the mind and urges it to achieve the seemingly impossible feat! human mind (and for that matter Any God damn animal's mind) works best under pressure.

Remember the last time you didn't study for your test and had to do everything in a night? You did well, and you wondered how. Well, you overclocked Ur brain ! it's possible, very possible. Even animals do it !!

Human mind has about 4000GB of memory (including short term memory, like RAM [random access memory] , and normal storage memory. But most of it is RAM, which explains why we can't retain everything for forever, or for very long. Some people learn to use the storage part, and excel in learning up, some use more of ram, and do logical tasks and intense brain applying tasks well.

So to speak, we are different, yet very alike at the same time! We work best under pressure, but too much of it is dangerous, very dangerous ! (too much of anything is dangerous for that matter)

Too much leads to depression, nausea, anxiety, excessive stress, blah blah.. But in adequate amount, it's good. And there is indeed one way to reduce the side effects of pressure - have confidence in yourself, and think that you can do whatever it is. Think of every situation, every job, every task, as a way to prove yourself, as if the task shows who you are, and there is no one like (or better than) you! Do it, u'll feel great, u'll feel proud of yourself, and remember to not feel overconfident, that's the trick! ;) have a good day ! cya !  Live strong, live happy, live confident! :D

do aliens exist ?

the universe is so vast and huge, we are nothing. There are nine planets around our star, the sun. Ours is one of the smaller planets of the sun, and here we live. Our sun is an ordinary star, A normal small star, which is one among the 2 billion stars in our milky way galaxy!!  The milky way is a huge galaxy, Where every star is at least a light year away from each other (except conjoint stars and other star system which contains of more than one star) AND, One light year = the distance covered by light in a year (that's pretty huge isn't it?) away from ours. That means huge distance between stars. That means a huge galaxy. And in this huge jumbo galaxy, we know nothing about any star other than our own sun. Except of course their type , structure, etc. and we know absolutely nothing about any of the planets of any of these stars.(we are trying very hard in this regard) Though little discoveries are made everyday, it is, in the present time, absolutely impossible to travel even outside our solar system, let alone other stars. Travelling even till Pluto hasn't been achieved yet.

However BIG our milky way galaxy may seem, it's just a tiny droplet in the huge sea of stars called 'the universe' in which every droplet is a huge galaxy, some like ours, some very different and unique, some smaller, some. extremely bigger than ours.. And there is a limit less number of galaxies in the universe, so much so, that its hard to comprehend !!

Now are we really alone on this universe? I think the answer is no. our existence was just a coincidence of some chemical reaction. Some correct temperatures, some correct amounts of chemicals in the chemical pools and the rain. And, if you really think outside of what you have been forced to believe all these years, and if you think with logic, its really impossible that we are alone, and that somewhere, some place, in some planet, in some galaxy, around some star, there are other living organisms, who might be primal or even more advanced than we can possibly imagine !! And if we sit to do the math, there is only a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that we are the only living organisms and that we are the only intelligent life forms.. In fact star wars and other sci-fi movies maybe closer to reality than they seem! :D Aliens do exist, and those who think otherwise, even after reading this article, are surely driven by unhealthy superstition! so open your eyes , embrace the reality, and pray that none of these aliens invade us ! (or that none are too intelligent)

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aliens anyone? =====> this might be true soon :P ======>

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Its hard to be grateful, but try!

At times in life, its hard to be grateful.

grateful for who you are and what you have. we have a wonderful life, all of us, the problem is, that we do not realize it, which we can by just being grateful. take a moment out from Ur busy schedules and look outside Ur windows upon the streets. its filled with people, that's what we see first. but then take a closer look, and u might be able to see what I want to show you. you will see helpless people, poor people, beggars perhaps ? people who aren't as lucky as u have always been ? you will say no. that u haven't been lucky , and that life hasn't been fair to you. but here's what , you ARE indeed lucky. ALL of you who are reading this: u have your parents who gets angry at you, who love you and care for you ,gets angry at you, gets possessive about you, cant see you in a bad shape, whose life's sole aim is to see you shine. is life really that tough ? yes it is. but that is only so that u get through it and emerge victorious. you have a mobile phone, you have someone to fulfill Ur demands. you have a computer, you have google, to help you out, to entertain you, to give you knowledge and pleasure alike. you play games made by a huge team of talented individuals who work hard on a unique idea, day and night, to make a game. life's such a game, only without any restarts (at least none that we can prove, like rebirth.)

      being grateful is hard but is equally pleasant and amazing. it         gives you a positive force, a protective shield, which doesn't allow life to get at you. be grateful for the friends that u have ever made. be grateful for the people whom you've met, who have shaped the course of your life, be grateful for that stern teacher in school , to the freckled face principal, to Ur friends who have been there for you all along life's tempests, and above all your mom and dad , who have raised you and fed you and clothed you and fulfilled Ur reasonable demands. if any of these are true for you, then you my friend, have a beautiful life which you should be proud of.

EDIT: i found this video and i loved it !! it SO PROVES my point !! see it guys, and you will never look at life the same way again. you will learn to be happy, always, and forever.